Linda Louellen Reynolds

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Name: Linda Louellen Reynolds

Nickname: Lindy

Age: 30

DOB: 1952

Age now: 63

Missing from: Fort Smith, Sebastian county, Arkansas

Missing since: May 17th 1982

Circumstances: According to Reynolds’s mother, Nancy, on 17th May 1982, her daughter Linda went out the night before and came home, leaving a note with them that she was staying with friends but would be back home in time to go to work at 17.00. She did not return. The only belongings she has would be in her purse.

Height/Weight: 5ft 5″/6″, 110lbs

Hair: Blonde/Strawberry

Eyes: Hazel

Other distinctive features: scar on abdomen, healed fracture on right clavicle, C-section

Clothing and accessories are unknown

Dental: charting available

DNA: available

Fingerprint information not currently available



Reynolds was a rock band enthusiast and was last seen after she went to a club in Oklahoma on the 17th May.Cpl. Patricia Sullivan of the Fort Smith Police Department said, “any time of bars that had a rock band, she would frequent”.

Sometime during the night, she returned to her parent’s home in Fort Smith where she also lived and left them a note saying she was staying with friends and would be back in time for work at 5pm. She did not return and was reported missing by her parents three days later.

In 2014, Dect. Brandon Lowdermilk stated in an interview that he had one lead that he was working with that had a slight possibility but could not discuss it.

Reynolds had left home before but had always contacted her family.

Other articles state that Linda had left a restaurant where she worked called Banditos, which no longer exists, where she worked as a waitress. She lived with her parents and got home around 10.30pm but left 30mins later. Her mother Nancy did not find the note she wrote until the next morning. When Linda did not pick up her pay check or report for work the next day, her boss called her parents but they did not know her whereabouts.


As Reynolds’s case is in NamUs, we can assume that possible UIDs also in NamUs would have been tested against Reynolds’s DNA. Nevertheless, here is a list of potential matches: found in Turning Basin, Houston, Harris County, Texas, is a possible UID as a scar was found on the abdomen just like in Reynolds’s case however the decedent is expected to have died two years later than when Reynolds went missing. The UID is also considered to be four inches shorter than Reynolds. was found at 2600 SW 130TH Ave, Davie, Broward County, Florida in a canal. Although the UID was expected to have died in 1984, she is ten pounds lighter than Reynolds and is measured just two inches shorter. A possible discrepancy. Reynolds is not on the rule out list for this UID.






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